Hazardous waste detected near the Skopje’s Orman


During a regular tour of the territory of the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov by the authorized inspector for the environment of the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov, the disposal of slag from the processing of accumulator batteries was located near the village of Orman, in the amount of an estimated 500 to 600 tons.

As announced on the official Facebook page of the State Environmental Inspectorate, the waste was located last week.

“According to the condition found on the ground, and according to the List of types of waste (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova no. 100/2005), it is waste with the code 10 04 – Waste from pyrometallurgy of lead, 10 04 01* – slag from primary and secondary production, which according to the classification belongs to the class of hazardous waste,” the Inspectorate informed on Sunday.

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