With impunity for the cancer mafia, Government confirms that it is completely corrupt, says opposition


With impunity for the cancer mafia, the Government confirms that it is completely corrupt, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Sunday.

“Instead of being responsible, the cancer mafia continues to play with people’s lives. According to the information we have, the abuses are greater, the Government is calling for millions of purchases for supplies from the favorite wholesalers, which were late with deliveries, and none of the authorities reacted, the director of the Oncology Clinic and the minister were silent. Why? So that they don’t put negative references for participating in a tender of the Government’s favorite wholesaler. In addition, there is no written trace, an internal book that keeps track of how many units of a certain drug have been applied, to how many patients. This has been the case for years, because there is no control, and precisely in this way, Macedonian citizens are being directly harmed with millions, hundreds of millions. We have information that patients are given therapy to take it outside the clinic, but there is no information whether they received it or not,” the largest opposition party said.

VMRO-DPMNE adds that the cancer mafia heartlessly profited from the lives of a large number of people. There must be accountability, stressed the party.

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