SSM demands that the management of PE Water & Sewerage not show its strength through security employees


After the incident in the PE Water & Sewerage in Skopje between the president of the management board of the enterprise, Idriz Orana, and the security, after which the police also intervened, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) told the management of this public enterprise “not to show its strength through the employees, supporting the security side”.

SSM explained in a statement that the problem arose after they were again forbidden to hold a meeting in the office on the 4th floor, where meetings have been held for years, by order of the director Dragan Ilievski.

“They were told to go to the fifth, top floor, where there is no office, but they have to hold a meeting in the corridor. The members refused to go to the fifth floor, but the security did not let them enter the office, after which a fight broke out. Because of the fight at the PE Water Supply the police also had to intervene,” said the SSM.


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