Miteva: The EC report is a reflection of reality, with a Government full of crime and corruption, Macedonia is further away from the EU


The European Commission’s report on the country’s progress in 2023 is proof thatthe SDS and DUI authorities’ statements that they are focused on the European agenda are false, said spokesperson and member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE Marija Miteva on Wednesday.

“This is a report that is a reflection of the sad reality, a reflection of the state of stagnation and, to a certain extent, backwardness in which Macedonia finds itself. Today you will not hear the Government talking about the report, you will not hear Kovachevski, Grubi, Marichikj, Osmani and the rest calling themselves the European front because the report reveals their lack of commitment to the systematic implementation of the recommendations,” Miteva added.

Specifically referring to the remarks from the European Commission’s report, Miteva said that in cluster 1, the part of the foundations, the fundamentals of the EU, a series of remarks were noted.


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