Nine students poisoned with salmonella in three Karposh primary schools


Nine children have been poisoned by the salmonella bacteria in three elementary schools in the municipality of Karposh, reports Five students come from the “Vlado Tasevski” primary school, three from e “Vojdan Chernodrinski” and one reported case is from the “Jan Amos Komenski” school.

At most, five children have been poisoned by the salmonella bacteria in the “Vlado Tasevski” primary school in the municipality of Karposh.

As the parents of the children from this school say, they most likely got poisoned by food prepared and provided by a private company with which the school has a contract.

According to the outraged parents, they skillfully hide the case from the school, so no preventive action is taken by the teaching staff to inform all the parents via Viber groups.


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