Osmani: Political polarization and blockade of Parliament main remarks in the EC Report


The political polarization and blockade of Parliament, which have slowed down the country’s reforms, according to Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, are the main remarks in the European Commission’s Report. The Minister pointed to the opposition as the culprit, which, he said, has blocked the adoption of legislation and reforms in Parliament.

“The Report clearly states that the political polarization, the blockade of Parliament has made it impossible to adopt numerous laws and reforms that would address the weaknesses identified by the EC, and this really is a serious message to all political parties. Not only to the Government, but also to those from the opposition who have been blocking Parliament for years because of party interests, thereby not allowing important legislation to be adopted. However, of course, there are also possible flaws that can be detected in the judiciary or other institutions,” said Osmani, replying to media questions at a press conference on Wednesday.


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