PPO should provide specific facts about the Oncology case, and the Finance Ministry should respond promptly, says Mexhiti


I would like to urge the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) that it is high time for them to come out with concrete facts about who did, and who didn’t break the law. I also call on the Ministry of Finance to give us an express response about the staff because they must allow us to hire staff in this clinic. Next year is an election year and we should not be left without staff and leave the patients, said Macedonian Minister of Health, Fatmir Mexhiti, during the visit to the Radiotherapy and Oncology Clinic, where a preliminary investigation procedure has been opened following the allegations of misuse of the medication.

Regarding whether there will be therapy for the coming year, Mexhiti indicated that even if there were possible delays, there will still be therapy for the patients of this clinic.

“I assure you that the patients will be under therapy, there will be therapy, but can it be delayed for a few days, yes, it does not depend on us, there are tenders, there are public procurements,” stressed the health minister.

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