Following the anthem, Kasami says that now he has a problem with the Macedonian flag


The BESA movement is in favor of holding the parliamentary elections as soon as possible, said its leader and mayor of Tetovo, Bilal Kasami. According to him, in the European Union for Change coalition, which includes Alternativa and the Democratic Movement in addition to BESA, a presidential candidate for the country is being discussed, but no specific proposal has been mentioned yet, nor has anyone’s name been mentioned.

“We are looking for elections as soon as possible. And the latest report of the European Commission is additional proof that elections are needed as soon as possible. This Government has penetrated deeply into corrupt processes and does not interfere with the EU,” Kasami said.

He is determined that in no case does he abuse the ethnic feelings of his fellow citizens in order to get, as Kasami said, more votes.

“But I believe and that is the reality. As long as the national anthem calls Macedonians as an ethnicity and refers to them, Albanians cannot feel comfortable and I am not saying this for the first time. For Albanians to feel the anthem as their own, they must be a part of it. We are not against the fact that the anthem refers to the Macedonians, but it should also refer to the Albanians. We demand that not only the anthem, but all symbols of the state reflect reality. The flag is a classic example, although in my opinion it is neutral in terms of ethnicities, but due to the process of how it was adopted, imposed in the negotiations with Greece, there is resistance among other ethnicities for its use as a state flag,” stressed Kasami.

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