Health workers demand better working conditions, protests as of mid-November


From the Independent Union of Health Workers and Administrative-Technical Staff again on Saturday they demanded better working conditions for the membership and announced protests on November 17 and 24, as well as on December 2.

They demand a 30 percent wage increase, the infection allowance from one to four percent, a new collective agreement, beneficial working experience and the transformation of fixed-term contracts into indefinite ones.

Union head Bobi Bojchevski presented three proposals on how to replenish the budgets of the Ministry of Health and the Health Fund.


“Taxation of 40 percent on the high salary of officials, because in these conditions they are enormously high. Then, because they are not profitable organizations, health facilities should be exempt from paying for industrial water and electricity, that is, they should pay like households, etc.”, said Bojchevski.

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