Stojanoski: By abusing the EU flag, the Government will owe the state another EUR 500 million by New Year


The authorities continue with their arbitrariness and the European flag is again shamelessly abused in order to get the state in debt for a new 190 million euros on a fast track. Even the remarks from the European Union are not enough for the authorities to stop abusing and manipulating the parliamentary rules of procedure, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski on Saturday.

He pointed out that just this past week, two laws on debt under the European flag were submitted to the MPs.

“Talat Xhaferi, as Parliament Speaker, decides to appoint the controversial Commission for European Affairs as the parent body for reviewing these debt laws. So Kovachevski, despite the remarks of the European Commission about the misuse of the EU flag, decides that instead of releasing the laws in a regular procedure, he releases them for the first time with a European flag, for the parent commission for European affairs to review the laws with which Macedonia will take on a new debt of 190 million euros. (Prime Minister Dimitar) Kovachevski must read the 2023 Report of the European Commission on Macedonia, listen to the recommendations and immediately change his controversial decision and let the laws go into the regular procedure, because the state’s indebtedness has nothing to do with compliance with the EU the regulation,” Stojanoski said.


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