Court rules two years and three months in prison for the driver who killed a child in Skopje


Judge Marija Kletnichka from the Skopje Basic Criminal Court imposed a single prison sentence of two years and three months for 21-year-old Shukri Zeqiri from Skopje, who on October 12 hit a ten-year-old child on Nikola Karev Boulevard, in the section known as “Plasticharska” in Skopje. The child died on the spot from the impact, and the driver fled the scene.

The judge also sentenced the defendant to a ban on driving a motor vehicle for a period of three years, which means that the time spent in prison is not counted in the sentence, and extended his house arrest until the finality of the verdict.

The accused Zeqiri previously admitted to the Court the crime he is charged with, but said he fled because he feared that he would be physically attacked.



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