Still no History and Society textbooks for fifth and sixth graders due to lack of reviewers


The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) will start on Thursday the procedure for the preparation of textbooks for the seventh grade that will be used in the coming school year, after the Bureau of Education and Science (BES) last week submitted to the Ministry of Education the curricula for the seventh grade according to the Concept for Basic Education which is implemented in stages.

The history and society textbooks for the fifth and sixth grades are not yet in the teaching because, although the manuscripts from the author’s teams have been submitted to the Ministry of Education, the reviewers of the announcements do not come.

Education Minister Shaqiri stated that in three to four attempts there were no applications and the Ministry of Education and Science wrote to all relevant faculties to call professors who will review them so that the next phase, their printing and distribution, can then continue.

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