VMRO-DPMNE: EUR 5.5 billion for waste, crime and corruption in 2024, that’s why SDS is delaying the elections


Kovachevski, SDS and DUI projected 5.5 billion euros for the budget in 2024, which is 2 billion more than the budget in 2018. The budget for 2024 is inflated, and as before, it does not bring development, but crime and corruption. From 2018 to today, the government spent 25 billion euros through budgets, and did nothing new. Macedonia is stagnating in every field, there are no textbooks for students, no medicine for the sick, no increase in pensions for retirees, said VMRO-DMPNE in a press release on Wednesday.

“There has not been a single completed highway in six years. The Kichevo – Ohrid highway is at a standstill, the Skopje – Blace has not even started. Where are the billions of euros from the budgets spent 6 years in a row?

It is obvious that instead of the citizens, the money ends up with the criminals, that’s why the Government is trying to buy a day more power in 2024, to continue with crime and corruption until the last day. Urgent changes are needed to stop the looting,” reads the press release of the largest opposition party.



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