Police union files criminal complaint against former interior minister for malpractice


The Police Union filed a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office against the former Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski and against three other members of the Disciplinary Commission for determining disciplinary responsibility at the Shtip Interior Department due to a well-founded suspicion that all of them together committed reckless work in the service.

They are charged that in their capacity as officials they exceeded the limits of their official powers and by violating the legal regulations for the implementation of an administrative procedure, by failing to carry out due supervision they acted negligently in the exercise of their powers and duties and thereby the injured B.D and E.D. caused them material damage.

The Minister of Interior and the three, although they were aware and obliged to stop the procedure for the two mentioned police officers due to the absolute statute of limitations, continued them all the way to the illegal decision.

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