Dostoinstvo leader “paints a picture” for DUI on how things are in Macedonia


The leader of Dostoinstvo (Dignity) and CMC head Stojanche Angelov symbolically “painted a picture” which he retold in order to explain to Bujar Osmani how things stand in Macedonia.

“There is a table drawn on the board. Ten Macedonian citizens are sitting and talking around the table. Of them, only 2.5 are Albanians. The remaining 7.5 people are Macedonians and other fellow citizens. Out of those 2.5 Albanians, maximum one is from DUI. According to Bujar Osmani, that one Albanian from DUI is the key, and without him the other 9 people from the table must not make any decisions. This time the “Your Macedonia” coalition led by VMRO DPMNE headed by Hristijan Mickoski will hit the table hard and send that one Albanian from DUI to stand in a corner until the majority of the other 9 people sitting at the same table decide what to do with the future of Macedonia. At the same time, he will have to give answers to more unpleasant questions for him, and he will have to give the answers to some of them in appropriate institutions, which this time will not be led by people who sit on their heads. Uh, instead of painting just one picture like Bujar, I went on and painted more and my picture can be made into a short but instructive comic,” said Stojanche Angelov in a Facebook post.

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