SDSM deputy leader Sanja Lukarevska resigns


After several SDSM members and party officials submitted their resignations, SDSM deputy leader Sanja Lukarevska also resigned late Thursday.

After the heavy defeat in the double elections, part of the SDSM leadership tendered their resignations. The first were deputy leaders Fatmir Bytyqi and Pero Kostadinov, next was Jovanka Trenchevska, who left the SDSM Women’s Forum, and towards the end of the day, Sanja Lukarevska said she will be tendering her resignation in a Facebook post.

“Dear fellow citizens, my dear social democrats,

The election results test our honesty as politicians and the sincerity of our words that we have understood your message.

SDSM has always been dignified because of the maturity of its leadership to face defeat and responsibility. I don’t want to be an exception. Thank you for the trust shown to be the deputy leader of SDSM. And I performed that duty with respect, conscientiously, responsibly and honestly. Of course, with the support of fellow party members and the irreplaceable support of my parents. Thank you is the least I can say to them,” reads Lukarevska’s post.

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