Government cabinet to be formed by the end of May


Before the end of May, there will be nothing related to the division of government departments in the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE and the Worth It coalition.
The negotiations are also prolonging the possible re-voting after it was announced yesterday that the SEC received 27 objections for three constituencies and there may be a change in the final result. With the objections, at least two mandates of DUI, in the 5th and in the 6th electoral unit, are challenged.
The objections that arrived in the SEC will be examined as of Monday, and starting Monday the activity of the working groups of VMRO-DPMNE and the Worth it coalition will be intensified. They have been active so far and have exchanged information, work is done jointly, and the separate negotiation teams are led by the highest party representatives who met yesterday at the Worth It headquarters. VMRO-DPMNE won 58 MP seats in the parliamentary elections, and the Prime Minister-designate Hristijan Mickoski has already stated that they have reached the number of 61 MPs.

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