Geroski: Siljanovska-Davkova didn’t violate the Constitution, a distinction should be made when it is necessary and when not to use the constitutional name


I think that the speech of the newly-elected president actually represents a precise application of the Prespa Agreement. The President’s Office at Villa Vodno still has the sign reading “Republic of Macedonia” and it will probably stay that way. The oath written by the Parliament Speaker reads the Republic of Macedonia. However, the Republic of North Macedonia will appear in the documents that the president will have to sign. I say this as a supporter of the Prespa Agreement, but I am against the extensive use that was first implemented by Zaev, then continued by Kovachevski, says journalist Branko Geroski in an interview with STUDIO 10 on TV 24.

“People must learn what the official use of a name means. When a Greek goes to Macedonia and says Greece, it is not an official name, it is officially the Hellenic Republic. When the name is used in documents then the official name is used. At the border, if they ask me where I’m from, I’ll say that I’m from North Macedonia,” said Geroski.

According to the reporter, if that’s the case then all political parties that contain the name Macedonia should change their name.

“Why did Prime Minister Kovachevski and his party not use North Macedonia during the campaign? The only institution that violates the Prespa Agreement and uses state funds is the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, so neither Greece nor others reacted,” said the reporter.

Geroski says that one must understand what official application means and what is colloquial application, and colloquial application can also be used in official occasions.

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