City of Skopje: A company without permits and security documents is forcibly setting up an amusement park


A company based in the Chair municipality of Skopje, registered just a month ago, without the necessary permits, is setting up an amusement park near the “Boris Trajkovski” sports center, the City of Skopje said on Saturday.

“We are informing the public that the legal entity Disneyland Requisites, a company from Chair registered only a month ago, without appropriate documents and permits, without the necessary documentation that guarantees safety, is installing a Ferris wheel and other props in Karposh in front of the “Boris Trajkovski” sports center,” reads the City of Skopje’s press release.

The press release adds that they have carried out surveillance, are taking measures and have punished the legal entity, but still, as they point out, it forcibly continues to work.

“We urge the competent institutions and call on to act as soon as possible, because the safety of the children and all other visitors is in question due to the practice of such arbitrariness,” the City of Skopje stated.


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