Ethnic Albanians to have speaker and six ministers in new government


Gostivar Mayor and one of the Worth It coalition leaders Arben Taravari says ethnic Albanians will have a Parliament Speaker and six ministers in the new government.

Taravari expressed confidence that the Worth It coalition in the new Macedonian government led by VMRO-DPMNE will be represented with dignity, with expert people.

“I believe that (we will have) one of the three main positions in the country, that is, the Parliament Speaker will also be an Albanian in the future, and a significant number of ministers. Especially where we have experts, we as the Worth It coalition will name them. I believe that we will be represented with dignity, with professional people,” Taravari said.

He also announces that the constitution of the Parliament will take place at the end of May, while the new Government expects to be voted in the first part of June.


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