The Ministry of Political System will be reconstructed and will be for relations between communities


The Ministry of Political System will be reconstructed and will only be for relations between communities, announces the VMRO-DPMNE secretary for international cooperation Stefan Andonovski.

“As a lawyer, it bothers me that this Ministry was called “for the political system” when we know that everything we do is a political system… It was strange that one minister is in charge of the entire political system in the country, that is, one department. So, I think that this will only be transformed into the Ministry of Relations between Communities, while the political system has a slightly wider dimension,” said Andonovski in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

According to Andonovski, there should be a person in the Government who will take care of the political system, but it should have a wider dimension, and not, as he says, departmental with sectors. I think that this Ministry will start working operationally in terms of the rights of all communities, noted Andonovski.



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