Ethnicity is not the most important to realize what we have promised, says Kasami


Besa Movement leader Bilall Kasami said Monday the procedure for the creation of the next government is proceeding well, with discussions over the principles and functioning of the next government currently underway, as well as harmonization of the parties’ platforms.

At the “Open Day” event organized by the secondary schools in Tetovo, he expressed hope that the negotiations will result in a government that, as he said, will be competent, with professionals, that will be with people who will work for the state and the citizens without difference of their ethnicity.

“We are aware that in a multi-ethnic state and society such as Macedonia, not all ministers can be Albanians and Macedonians. But what is important is that anyone in a ministry should work for all citizens regardless of ethnic, religious or other affiliation. At this stage, we have an understanding between the partners who negotiate the next Government that regardless of who will sit in which chair, it will have to work for all citizens. This is very important for us because in the past, although there were many ministries that were led by Albanians, they neither worked enough for Albanians nor for others, Macedonians and other citizens. So ethnicity is not the most important for us, in order to realize what we have promised,” said Kasami.

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