Fake SMS messages sent for Government monetary compensation in a phishing scam attempt


The Government informs the citizens that SMS and other messages offering compensation have NOT been sent by the government services.

In the specific case that appeared in the past hours, it is a matter of smishing and phishing fraud that has been reported and which the appropriate services are already acting on, according to the Government.

If citizens receive or have already received a message with this or similar content, in which the Government is indicated as the sender, they should consider it as fake and not click on the provided links, nor respond to the messages they received.

“The Government urges to citizens not to fall for fake messages from foreign phone numbers and emails and not to provide personal data. Citizens should be cautious and responsible about their personal data, i.e. not to share and exchange it with unknown persons, as well as with persons whose identity cannot be determined in advance,” reads the press release.

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