Macedonian Bar Association: Article 368 of the Law on Obligations is contrary to the Constitution and violates human rights


Article 368 of the Law on Obligatory Relations is discriminatory and contrary to the Constitution. With the mentioned changes, legal order and order were violated, financial indiscipline was encouraged, whereby the debtors were placed in a privileged position, compared to the creditors, and the financial stability of the state was also violated. According to the Constitution, the right to property is a guaranteed right of every citizen and legal entity. The Constitution is the highest legal act in the country, therefore all legal acts, by-laws and other written rules should be in full compliance with this legal act.

“We sincerely hope that the Constitutional Court, with its overall professional integrity and capacity, will carefully consider the new initiatives related to this article and will soon resolve this legal problem, which in practice creates a series of problems for citizens, companies and the institutions,” underlined the Bar Association of Macedonia.

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