Citizens should feel comfortable, hope and a better future is coming, says Mickoski


Citizens should feel liberated, comfortable, enjoy life, work, relax, hope is coming, better times are coming for all of us, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Ora24.

During the interview, Mickoski also referred to the neighbors, where he emphasized that a principled policy will be pursued with them, a policy that will be based on arguments and facts.

“We are ready to work alongside all our neighbors. We expect them to respect our position as well, since good neighborly relations are a two-way street, we will lead principled policy with arguments and facts. I call our neighbors to a joint work, to a brotherly work because the neighbor is the one who is given by God and we must work together, we must not destroy the bridges. We expect our neighbors to respect our attitude because good neighborly relations are a two-way street. They will not see from us those policies that they have seen until now, those were policies of self-deprecation, policies of humility, politics of kneeling, on the other hand destruction and plundering of their own country, nor will they see a policy of unnecessary irritation, unnecessary aggression, renaming highways, airports, monuments, etc.” said Mickoski.



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