Over 12,000 passengers went to Greece through Bogorodica border, the wait is up to 30 minutes


The frequency of vehicles at the Bogorodica and Tabanovce border crossings is evident. This morning, it was also possible to notice on the video cameras of the Public Enterprise for State Roads that convoys of vehicles were waiting at the border crossings.

The Ministry of Interior informs that in the period from 10 am on Thursday  to 10:00 on Friday, a total of 3,444 passengers applied for entry into the Republic of North Macedonia at GP Bogorodica.

“A total of 12,394 registered for exit from the Republic of North Macedonia, and the total number of inbound and outbound passengers is 15,838 citizens,” said the Ministry of Interior.

In that same period, a total of 8,173 people entered Tabanovce, and 10,049 people left, a total of 18,222 citizens.

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