Saints Cyril and Methodius are the pivot of our existence, 1100 years ago they sent the universal message of unity, dedication and education, says Mickoski


The holy brothers Cyril and Methodius are not only Slavic educators, they are equal apostles and declared protectors of Europe. It only shows the great work they left behind, a work which after more than a millennium is still alive as never before. And a work on whose foundations were born Saints Clement and Naum, the works of Misirkov, Pulevski, Prlichev, Koneski. That Macedonian line of timeless work through whose roots the Macedonian word and script was born. Credit to the work of St. Cyril and Methodius is every today’s spoken or written words, verse or text in Macedonian or Polish, Serbian or Russian, Ukrainian or Slovenian, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian or any other Slavic language, said VMRO-DPMNE leader  Hristijan Mickoski on Ss. Cyril and Methodius Day – May 24.

“This is our contribution to the cultural and linguistic treasury of Europe. Brothers Cyril and Methodius with their educational activity, the translation of the liturgical books into Old Slavic, the Slavic Glagolitic alphabet and the zealous fight against the trilingual heresy raised them to the pedestal among the Slavic race and inscribed them in golden letters not only in Macedonian history, but also in European and world history. Brothers Cyril and Methodius showed a millennium ago that there are no inferior cultures and nations, that there are no equals before God’s word and God’s justice, that any injustice can be defeated with strong will and dedication, work and effort. Their legacy is as great as their name. Today they are European saints and protectors and everyone can celebrate their work, but the fact is that more than 1100 years ago their missionary steps started from Macedonian soil and it was from the Macedonian soil that they took all their linguistic, cultural and identity seeds and spread them throughout the Slavic world,” said Mickoski.

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