Nine people arrested, drugs found during raid of hospitality establishments in Skopje


Nine people have been arrested because drugs were found in their possession during the police raid carried out in several hospitality establishments in Skopje. The arrested are between the ages of 22 and 33.

“ On May 23 and May 24, 2024, police officers with the Illegal Trade Unit at the Skopje Police Department acted according to the Skopje PD plan, during which a raid was carried out in several hospitality establishments. At the same time, nine people were arrested, in which drugs were found. During the search of K.L. (31), P.Z. (31) and B.D. (30) a white powdery substance was found in G.J. (30), L.M. (22), Zh.J. (33), A.Sh. (27) and A.N. (22) marijuana was found, and A.B. (24) found a crusher with marijuana. During the control, identification and examination of 59 persons and 5 passenger vehicles was carried out,” reads the Ministry of Interior’s report.

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