PPO launches investigation into closed operating rooms


The Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the closure of the operating rooms at the Mother Teresa Clinical Center in order to understand why the facilities did not work for a week. Reports indicated concerns over an unpleasant odor and malfunctioning of the ventilation system, prompting intervention by the Ministry of Health. A prosecutor has been appointed to determine whether any criminal acts have occurred in connection with the shutdown.

After collecting statements and evidence, the prosecutor’s office will assess whether there are grounds for initiating criminal proceedings and against whom. Currently, only three emergency rooms are functioning, and patients are being diverted to other hospitals for treatment.

VMRO-DPMNE reacted to the situation in the clinical center, expressing concern about the circumstances. The party claims that individuals who undergo surgery at the facility do so at their own risk, citing concerns about the quality of care. They further accuse DUI and SDSM of neglecting health services, which led to chaos at the Surgery Clinic.

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