Agreement for new government will be announced soon, Parliament scheduled the constitutive session for May 28


Talks on the formation of the new government are still ongoing. It is announced that it could soon be announced that a final government agreement has been reached. The media is already publishing unofficial information about the division of portfolios and about the possible new Parliament Speaker. The constitutive session of the new parliamentary composition is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, where the Your Macedonia coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE will have the most MPs – 58, the coalition For a European Future led by SDSM will have 18 MPs, the coalition European Front led by DUI will it also has 18 MPs, the Worth It coalition 14, and Levica and ZNAM each will have 6 MP seats.

Timcho Mucunski, who is part of the VMRO-DPMNE working group for the new government talks, said Thursday night that they are close to a final agreement with the Worth It coalition without specifying details.While not revealing any details on their talks with the ZNAM Movement toward achieving a two-thirds majority in Parliament, Mucunski said it was likely that VMRO-DPMNE would have more than 70 MPs.

It is possible the government coalition will have 80, he said. With Worth It, perhaps also with ZNAM, there will be a two-thirds majority.


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