Is the cause the Surgery Clinic chaos the compressed air system or is there MRSA bacteria?


Will someone give an answer from the Government or from DUI and SDS about what is happening in the Surgery Clinic, instead of passing the ball from Health to the PPO, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski a press conference on Sunday.

After a week of closed operating rooms, due to smell and non-functional compressed air system, we will open more dilemmas and questions:

  1. Is it the same system for compressed air that supplies the operating rooms and that supplies the Coma Center and Intensive Care Unit of the same Clinic?
  2. Are the Coma Center and ICU functioning and are patients connected to the same air system, because of which system are the operating rooms of Traumatology closed?
  3. If the compressed air system is used for patients in the Coma Center and the ICU, why would it not be good for operating rooms, and vice versa – if the theaters are closed for the air system, why does it work for patients in the Coma Center and the ICU?
  4. Is the reason for closing the halls really the air and air conditioning system, for which there is no effort to overcome the problem all week, or is it something else entirely?
  5. Could that other thing be an occurrence of the MRSA bacteria?
  6. Is there an emergency control for hygiene in the Trauma department?
  7. Are swab sample tests from the halls negative?
  8. How much has the infection of operated patients increased?
  9. Are there intrahospital infections in every second patient at this clinic?
  10. Why didn’t the Health Ministry, at the same time as the PPO, start solving the problem?


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