Despotovski to run for party leader, but will he manage to defeat Zaev and Filipche?


I also would not vote for someone who makes a promise, but you have the impression or are not sure that he will honor it, said Jovan Despotovski, incumbent director of the Technological-Industrial Development Zones (TIDZ), SDSM party member and a potential candidate for the new party leader, analyzing the reasons for SDSM’s electoral defeat.

“The impression was created that SDSM is not powerful enough within its government, where it is the largest, where it is the strongest political party, to impose policy and implement that agenda. People wouldn’t vote, I wouldn’t vote for someone who makes a promise but you have an impression or you’re not sure he’s going to deliver. To a large extent the policies and agenda were not always ours. But we should not see the fault in others, but exclusively in SDSM,” Despotovski pointed out in an interview with TV Sitel.

Asked if he would again run for party leader, Despotovski said that he is already working with a dedicated team to develop a concept, that is, a program for how the party should move forward.

“It is not time to fulfill one’s personal ambitions but to implement a new work concept in SDSM, one based on ‘us’ and not ‘me’, When I offered a different concept and ran for party leader, I clearly said I did not agree with the course SDSM was on. Now, motivated again, along with a dedicated team of comrades as well as people who have never been in politics before, we are working on a concept that is based on ‘us’ and not on ‘me’,” said Despotovski.

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