Four lost persons rescued by boat from the Pchinja gorge


A team of rescuers, sailing in a boat along the river Pchinja from Katlanovo, until they reached the dangerous location of the lost people, in front of the Mala Bogorodica monastery in the gorge of the river under the highway itself, with great effort, found the missing persons safely and pulled them out from the right river bank to the left, and then they got them safely onto the highway.

In particular, the four missing persons, two women, one man and a child (ages 29, 18, 35, 7 years old), first through 112 in the CMC, were located and found, and after the extremely steep terrain, they managed to descend on the right bank of the river Pchinja in an inaccessible place in front of the Mala Bogorodica monastery, in the gorge of the river Pchinja, under the highway Skopje – Veles, from where they could not get out by dirt road during the night. The terrain there is extremely steep and dangerous for movement. The Regional CMC Veles immediately coordinated communication with SVR Veles, DSO Veles and the Municipality (ELS) Veles, after which the municipality and a team of water rescuers from the voluntary association “Macedonian rescuer – water safety and mountain – Veles” joined the search with a special rescue a boat.

A little after 2 a.m. the persons were safely transferred across the river Pchinja and pulled up to the highway, from where they were transported by vehicles to their homes in Skopje.


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