Joining NATO increased our security, but did not speed up the path to the EU, shows poll


The NATO membership was a good decision. It increased our security but did not contribute to the process of joining the European Union, said citizens in the latest survey of public opinion conducted by the Institute for Political Research Skopje for Detektor. According to the poll, 61% of those surveyed believe that, from today’s point of view, the NATO membership is a good decision, while 28.6% are convinced of the opposite.

Compared to last year’s survey by the Institute, there are no significant differences. Last year, 57.5% thought that NATO membership was a good decision.

Total of 52.6% of those polled believe that joining NATO has increased the security of the country, while 36.8% are not convinced of that. The opinion that NATO does not make the country safer is mainly created by the ethnic Albanians.

As many as 82.4% believe that the security of the country has increased with NATO membership. Among the Macedonians, the answers are divided, although the majority of 46.3% believe that membership in NATO does not make us a safer country, while 43.7% are of the opinion that after membership, the country’s safety has increased.

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