PPO acts upon a report from the Health Ministry about the nonfunctioning ORs in the Clinical Center


The Ministry of Health sends a report to the Prosecutor’s Office about the closed operating rooms in the Mother Teresa Clinical Center, which has been received and distributed to the public prosecutor. Actions will be taken to check if there are any elements of a crime in the case.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office points out that the Prosecutor’s Office acts and prosecutes only if there is a crime.

VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski reacted to the conditions of the clinical center at a press conference on Saturday, and said that the whole week, since last Saturday, the problem with the system, i.e. the oxygen pipeline to the operating rooms, has been going on for the whole week, there has been no examination of what it is, what it smells like , is it polluted, is there really carbon dioxide, and that in the meantime, by signing a personal consent, people operate at their own risk.


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