Parliament verifies mandates of 118 MPs


    At the constitutive session of the new Parliament on Tuesday, MPs adopted the report of the Verification Committee, thereby verifying the mandates of 118 members of Parliament. As a result, the terms of the MPs from the previous parliamentary composition have officially ended.

    Verification Commission president Dafina Stojanovska said that the Commission reviewed the reports of the State Election Commission on the elections and by-elections in constituencies 5 and 6 and the statement of Bilal Kasami in which he requested that his term not be verified and that based on a total of 118 MPs were elected as MPs.

    Levica leader Dimitar Apasiev noted that the SEC report does not correspond to the report of the Verification Commission and contested the request of Kasami, who said that he had signed knowingly that he would participate in the election race and had received a certificate from the SEC as a Member of Parliament and that he could not cancel from something that is not there.

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