I end my term with a feeling of fulfillment, guided by the idea that justice will always be imperative, says Kacarska


The three-year term of the president of the Constitutional Court Dobrila Kacarska ends on June 2, 2024. Her successor, according to the announcement from the Constitutional Court, should be elected on Thursday.

When asked what she expects from her successor, Kacarska said that she expects the Court to continue to be up-to-date, to act on all cases, regardless of who initiated it.

“I expect my successor to pick up where I left off,” said Kacarska.

Kacarska gave an overview of her three-year term as president of the Constitutional Court at a press conference on Wednesday.

Current judges in the Constitutional Court, one of whom will assume the presidency by the end of the month, are: Naser Ajdari, Osman Kadriu, Darko Kostadinovski, Fatmir Skender, Tatjana Vasikj Bozadzieva, Elizabeta Dukovska, Jadranka Dabovikj Anastasovska and Ana Pavlovska Daneva. The term of the Constitutional Court president is three years, without the right to re-election.


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