50 cases of HIV/AIDS registered in2023, average age is 35


According to the results of the last 2018 survey, among men who have intimate relations with men in Skopje, the estimated prevalence is 5.4 percent, which means that in Macedonia for the first time a concentrated epidemic is registered among a certain population group.
This is stated in the last annual report of the Public Health Institute on activities carried out in accordance with the program for the protection of the population from HIV infection, which was prepared by Mr. Dr. Zharko Karadzovski, expert associate Gazmend Ismani and Zivadinka Cvetanovska, microbiological diagnostics specialist.
The document states that in 2023, applications were received for 50 newly registered persons with HIV/AIDS in Macedonia. The number of cases in 2023 is higher by 0.8 percent compared to 2022, when 42 cases were registered.
“Compared to the average of the previous ten-year period (2013-2022), an increase of 22 percent has been registered,” reads the report.

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