Parliamentary elections are concluded, Azizi to take Kasami’s MP seat, says SEC


The State Election Commission (SEC) reached a decision on Thursday declaring that the parliamentary elections are concluded. At the session, the results from the elections in the sixth electoral district were declared as final after the Administrative Court rejected the lawsuit of the European Front for a re-vote in a polling station in the village of Larce, Zhelino.
SEC head Aleksandar Dashtevski says that in this electoral unit the European Front Coalition has eight MP seats, Worth It also eight, the Your Macedonia coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE three MP seats, and the European Future coalition one.
It was announced at the session that Adnan Azizi from the Worth It coalition will be the MP in the place of Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami, whose term was not verified at the Constituent Session after he requested it.

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