State matriculation exam begins Saturday with test from the first external exam


Almost 15,000 students graduating from secondary education will take the first of two external state matriculation exams this Saturday – mother tongue and literature. A novelty in this school year is that instead of in classrooms, the tests will be taken in large rooms in schools – the halls, school sports halls or in another large school room in which there are conditions for taking the test.
According to the data of the State Examination Center, organizer of the state matriculation exam, 10,088 candidates for the exam in Macedonian language and literature, 4,189 for Albanian language and literature and 315 candidates for Turkish language and literature have registered for the June session.
The second (optional) external exam will be taken on June 8. 1356 candidates for mathematics, 13 198 for English language, 37 for French language, 114 for German language, 84 for aesthetics and one candidate each for Russian language and philosophy have registered.

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