Twelve directors and heads of Surgery keep quiet about the collapse, there will be responsibility, says VMRO-DPMNE


At least 12 departments that are functioning at the Surgery clinic, at least 12 departments that are NOT functioning normally for two weeks, and there is not a single word from 12 managers and directors with sound names about the collapse of tertiary healthcare, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press briefing on Thursday.
“Neither Dr. Aleksandar Trajanovski from TOARILUC, nor Dr. Sofia Pejkova from Plastic Surgery, nor Dr. Zoran Karadzov from Abdomenal, nor Dr. Sasho Dohchev from Urology, Dr. Aleksandar Zhupanovski from Neurosurgery, said a word about the chaos. Not a word from Dr. Nejat Jakupi, nor Dr. Slavica Litajkovska from Children’s Surgery, is no word from Dr. Dalip Jahia from Orthopedics, nor Dr. Nikola Brzanov from Trauma, nor Dr. Ilir Hasani from Trauma, ex-deputy minister and Filipche’s partner in construction, or Dr. Maja Mojsova from the ICU, so vocal and engaged that Filipche did not resign after the tragedy with the Tetovo modular hospital.
This is shameful and unethical behavior, to wait for the end of the mandate with folded hands, while the collapse of Surgery has overloaded all hospitals in Macedonia, and patients are waiting for operations. It is shameful that due to carelessness the Surgery clinic fails, that patients are forced to go to private hospitals, at their own expense or at the expense of the state,” said Stoilkovski.

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