Agreement with Bulgaria can be renegotiated, says Gjorchev


Former Macedonian ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorchev said Friday that the so-called French proposal is not good for Macedonia and that the Agreement with Bulgaria can be renegotiated.

“The French proposal is not good for Macedonia. The agreement with Bulgaria can be renegotiated. There is an article that states that it can be renegotiated,” Gjorchev said in an interview with TV 21.

When asked that European Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi recently stated that the Agreement cannot be renegotiated, Gjorchev said that he will now be replaced, and there will also be elections in Bulgaria.

“Várhelyi will now be replaced. It won’t be him, it will be someone else. That’s the chance. First there is a chance because there are elections in Bulgaria, and you will see who those forces are. There are many rational politicians in Bulgaria who appreciate Macedonia. Personally, I think that we can negotiate with these people from GERB. Petkov visited VMRO-DPMNE, we talked very constructively, smartly about how to overcome the problems. You have the right to propose an annex to that contract. And when SDSM saw that it was a deadlock, they should have proposed changes to it,” said Gjorchev.

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