Major police raid in Skopje against street drug dealing, 28 people arrested


Within the framework of a criminal investigation which was carried out from December 2023 on the instructions of the competent public prosecutor from the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office, on 31.05/01.06.2024 in a large joint action of the Criminal Police Department – Sector for illicit trade in drugs, weapons and dangerous substances, SPU Tigar and the Skopje Police- Illicit Trade Unit undertook a series of coordinated measures and activities in the area of ​​Skopje with the aim of suppressing the street sale of cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana. Moreover, during the criminal investigation, 28 persons were arrested and detained.

In addition, more material evidence has been provided for the involvement of the persons in the street sale of cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana, and criminal charges have already been filed against two persons and a measure of detention has been determined.


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