Minister Demiri and Deputy Minister Manoleva should answer whether the entire health system has collapsed for EUR 120,000


SDS/DUI confirmed to the press from Friday that they will not be anywhere all weekend, the weekend and party functions are more important than the disaster in the Surgery clinic. If you see Dr. Maja Manoleva from the ranks of SDS, remind her that she is the deputy minister of health! And ask her if this is the “no giving up on the future” she’s been campaigning for two months? Or are family businesses, from private healthcare to electricity trading, more important right now than surgery and the collapse of the healthcare system? Dr. Maja Manoleva, deputy minister and vice president of the medical chamber, is nowhere to be found. And one more question, does she promise protection to those twelve directors who work at the Surgery clinic and remain silent in the face of problems?,” VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press conference on Sunday.


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