DSR: DUI should not abuse the Roma people


The European Front coalition led by DUI adopted the so-called a political declaration which, according to the coalition, was about the “ethnic legitimacy” that resulted from the elections, reads the reaction of the Democratic Forces of Roma-DSR.
On several occasions we hear people calling, in addition to other ethnic communities, that the Roma were not respected, says the DSR.
We want to point out a few things through this reaction1. Only 500-700 voters from the municipality of Shuto Orizari voted for the European Front led by DUI, under threats and pressure from the mayor;
2. The Roma have never, never been in a worse situation than with the rule of this set of DUI and SDSM;
3. Speaking of legitimacy, 90% of Roma supported the programs of DSR, VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski as the leader of the coalition and a great friend of the Roma community;
“We urge the European Front to stop abusing the Roma people in front of the public and the international community to save those politicians who destroyed all the positions of the institutions that were intended for the Roma,” reads the press release.

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