Trial against Struga Mayor Merko postponed for July 8


The trial against Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko due to the purchase of an Audi passenger motor vehicle by the Municipality of Struga started on Monday in the Struga Basic Court.
The defense attorney, before the beginning of the main hearing, submitted a submission with a list of 68 verbal and material evidence and requested that the main hearing be postponed and the court provide the evidence ex officio, because as he said, he made an attempt, but without success.
By submitting this list, the defense will try to refute the thesis of the public prosecution that the accused committed a crime in general, is the position of the lawyer of Mayor Merko.
According to the judge in this case Nadica Mitreska, the court will try to provide the evidence needed by the defense in the shortest possible time.
“The hearing was postponed today because the defense submitted an extensive list of evidence that the court should consider and obtain certain documents from the competent institutions of the state, and of course, time is needed for both the prosecution and the court,” said judge Mitreska.
The main court hearing on this case was postponed to July 8, starting at 1 pm.

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