Because of the incompetent Justice Minister, the confidence in the judiciary is 2 percent – he can complain wherever he wants, says Miloshoski


Regarding the letters of the outgoing Minister of Justice Mr. KrenarLloga, he has the right to complain if he wants to write such letters, but I hope that he will not send the letters through Macedonian Post, the public company that he has been managing for 20 years DUI is dysfunctional, said MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee, Antonio Miloshoski in an interview with TV21, regarding the letters that the Minister of Justice published Tuesday morning claiming that he will send them to the embassies in Macedonia of the international community to complain about the upcoming reforms in judicial bodies such as the Court council and the Republican Council of Public Prosecutors.

“But with regard to the subject of the Republic Judicial Council and the Council of Public Prosecutors, precisely because of the most incompetent tandem so far in the Ministry of Justice, Minister Lloga and Deputy Minister AvramovskaMadikj, I think that trust in the judiciary and in these two institutions has dropped to a record low of two percent,” Miloshoski said, adding that reforms were necessary in both of these institutions.

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