Petrovska expects that the new government will have a busy dynamic


The former Minister of Defense and current Member of Parliament Slavjanka Petrovska submitted her candidacy SDSM leader on Wednesday, along with it, she submitted a social democratic manifest, “which is my program where I focus on what the future priorities of the new SDSM leadership should be after the devastating defeat in this year’s election”.

Petrovska confirmed that she was backed by current and former party officials who stand behind her candidacy.

“Although SDSM experienced defeats and victories in the past, this time the situation is specific, especially considering the political circumstances in the country. No country, especially the Republic of North Macedonia, needs weak or no opposition. It is a serious challenge for SDSM to correct itself, to continue along the path of SDSM’s ideology. In that period, which is very short and is ahead of us, because I expect that the new Government will have intense dynamics, we will have to consolidate the internal ranks,” stressed Petrovska.

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