Palevski denies any connection to the Vanja and Panche double murder


Double murder suspect Ljupcho Palevski Palcho denied any connection with the murders of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski when questioned about them at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, his defense said after the hours-long interrogation on Wednesday.

As the reasons for which he was named as the prime suspect in the proceedings, Palevski stated that it was about previous enmities.

“The accused gave a statement before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, denies any connection with the other accused on any basis, denies the existence of any agreement to commit this crime, claims that he is not guilty and that he did not take any action as stated in the order for his execution on investigation. The reasons for which he was named as a defendant in this procedure indicated that it was about some previous enmities, and even some political misunderstandings with representatives of the government,” said Vitanovski after questioning Palevski for several hours at the Prosecutor’s Office.

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