Serious incident avoided after a Struga school principal banned singing the Macedonian national anthem


The principal of the Brakja Miladinovci elementary school in Struga, Albana Zhutacontrary to the law, prohibited the singing of the Macedonian national anthem at the celebration of the school’s patronage on Wednesday, reports

In addition, in her speech to the audience in Albanian language, Zhuta emphasized that the school should return the name Liria from the period of the Second World War and the occupation of the fascist occupiers and that they should “return to the paths that were drawn at that time”. The parents of the students have already filed a criminal complaint against the principal Zhuta, as well as a complaint to the State Education Inspectorate.

Zhuta’s speech caused indignation among the attending who booed the principal, and the Macedonian teachers tried to stop the speech, after which they encountered a rude and violent reaction from the Albanian teachers who threatened a physical confrontation.

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